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  Zhejiang Zhenyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Zhenyuan Pharm) is located in Shaoxing, a city with long history and culture heritage. Zhenyuan Pharm faces Hangzhou on the west, Ningbo harbor on the east, and is 232 Km away from Shanghai. Since its establishment in 1958, it has been an anti-infection drug producing base with more than 30 years history in the production of antibiotics and semi-synthetic antibiotics. Zhenyuan Pharm is professionally engaged in the manufacture of bulk drugs and preparations of Macrolide, Aminoglycoside, Cephalsoproin, and Plynoid antibiotics. It is a key hi-tech enterprise, an excellent enterprise of technological development in Zhejiang province. Zhenyuan Pharm has got the China GMP certificates for all its bulk drugs and preparations.

Based on decades of development, Zhenyuan Pharm has accumulated abundant experiences of production and management, and has improved its technological and economical benefits rapidly by training and gathering a large number of professionals. It has become a hi-tech enterprise by full improvement and development since 1990’s. Its R&D and sales networks have been improved swiftly. After developing a series of new products, Zhenyuan Pharm is able to produce bulk drugs and preparations of Spiramycin, Acetyl spiramycin, Sisomicin sulfate, Roxithromycin, Netilmicin sulfate, Azithromycin, and Cefetamet pivoxil hydrochloride etc. In 1995, the successful development of Roxithromycin and its preparations filled the blank of new macrolide antibiotics in China. So its Roxithromycin was a state level new product in 1995, and awarded gold prize in the China Patent and New Products Expo in 1996. Zhenyuan Pharm became a key high-tech enterprise in the State Torch Plan in 1999. The main technological and economical benefits of its products keep ahead both at home and abroad. Nystatin was listed in the first class of Drug Catalogue for National Basic Medical Insurance in 2000, Netilmicin sulfate and Roxithromycin were listed in the second class of Drug Catalogue for National Basic Medical Insurance. All its products passed China GMP inspections in 2001. Zhenyuan Pharm is establishing a bulk drug center in Shaoxing Paojiang Technological and Industrial Zone to create a much brighter future.

Depending on Zhenyuan staff’s efforts and hardworking of generations, Zhenyuan Pharm has developed from a small enterprise to a modernized pharmaceutical manufacturer. Personnel in Zhenyuan Pharm follows the motto of “Solidarity, hardworking, innovation, and devotion”, gains strength from it, and writes a development chapter in the new era based on “ Repaying society with green and health”.